They left behind everything they had and their families, because they do not want to make the choice between prison and the unjust murders of our brothers and sisters from Ukraine.

Given Uzbekistan is a neighboring country, it's still not safe to stay there without risk of getting caught. Egor and Ekaterina are trying to find a place to work in peace, raise a family, and enjoy their basic freedoms. They would like to seek asylum in the USA and hopefully settle there. With all the costs for flight and immigration fees, they are looking for help to get them there.

Egor and Ekaterina are a young couple from Russia, recently married in August. Egor and Katya are against Putin's aggressive policies and the war on Ukraine. On September 21st, the draft was announced in Russia, which means that almost all young men could be drafted to war; those who refused could be called to court and imprisoned. To avoid this war, Egor left for Uzbekistan and Katya joined him soon after.

Their Story

Egor & Kate

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