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Myriam, aka Mylo, is a biophilic architect, designer, and musician of whom began her career 20 years ago while attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has extended her passion from her flourishing company to assisting individuals and families in dire situations all around the

globe. In doing so Mylo has experienced cultures all around the world where she lived in diverse countries such as Russia, Mexico, China, and etc. With a fluency in Russ-Spanglish (Russian, Spanish, and English), Mylo has become quite worldly since her birth in Corona, California.

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Floral Architect Mylo Lopez Went From Cleaning Casinos to Designing For Them https://hiplatina.com/mylo-lopez-mylofleur/



Trent was raised in Southern California alongside 7 of his siblings including his twin brother Travis. Throughout his journey he not only served a LDS mission in Jacksonville, Florida, but he also has received his BS HCA and is currently licensed as a Nursing Home Administrator. Prior to that Trent committed himself to serving in the United States Army as a Civil Affairs Specialist during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Presently, he resides in Arizona alongside his two beautiful children.


Edwing has aspirations in fashion and music which can be derived from his life in Las Vegas, Nevada. That accompanied with a desire to learn new traditions and cultures from his various travels around the world has made him quite mentally diverse. With experience in Europe and Central America and a two-year LDS mission in Merida, Mexico he has become quite an effective “jack of all trades” in his position at MyloFleur Floral Biophiliture.




Born in El Paso, Texas, Vianney has walked through many different avenues in life when concerning her interests and careers. As a nursing assistant, UNLV BS Graduate in Kinesiology, SCUHS of Science MS Graduate, and a hairdresser she possesses many unique skills which make her equally special when it comes to what she is passionate about. When not accomplishing such feats Vianney incorporates herself in humanitarian work and aiding others. 


Yanette began her adventure through life in Las Vegas and is now pursuing her Marketing degree at the University of Phoenix and is striving for her certification in UX Design. In her free time Yanette finds herself working out, reading, photographing, and listening to music. Such interests leads her to have a strong grasp on her personal love for learning. 


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Born alongside Trent, Travis grew up in Southern California and eventually went on to serve a two-year LDS mission to Harrisburg, PA. Shortly after he pursued a BS in Criminal Justice from the University of Las Vegas and later on became a civil affairs specialist in the US Army where he was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently, Travis is continuing his duty to the populace by being active in the prevention of human trafficking. He lives with his beautiful wife and two children in California. He visited Russia around the same time Myriam did and when she asked him to be a part of the nonprofit, he was all in.