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Social media material - To get community support, we make posts on social media to invite people to participate and help - pictures and videos of the family in Russia, traveling photos and videos, and others.

A video of each family member in English sharing their story - so the team members can get to know each family member better.

Letter of recommendation from a church leader.(N/A if not applicable)

Church Membership records, mission information - when was baptized, callings served in, years of mission service, mission area, mission president contact information. (N/A if not applicable)

Financial conditions - how much savings do you have? Why do you need help from Land To Land? 
Mental health condition - meet with our specialist.

Health statement - explain your health condition
Resume - work experiences, educational history, letters of recommendation from employers and colleagues 
Educational documents - diplomas, certificates, etc.
Marriage certificates - current marriage certificate, divorce certificate if you were married before.
Identification documents - passports, birth certificates (translated)
Your story - why you are leaving/left your country. (written in English)

Your lastname
Your name

Required documents and information:

For files, please use any free cloud (i.e.: Google, Dropbox) and add links.

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Hello, dear family!
We will be happy to help you and we ask you and your family to provide the documents and materials listed below.

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