Now in Brazil, they need assistance to rebuild their lives and provide for their seven children. They are facing financial difficulties and require support to create a stable environment for their family. Your kind donations will make a significant impact on their lives, allowing the children to receive education, healthcare, and opportunities for a brighter future.

Originally from a small town in Russia, their lives took a difficult turn due to the challenging political situation in their country. When the war started, their family faced persecution because they openly expressed their opinions. Aleksey had to leave his job due to the pressure, and they started receiving threatening messages from the police and intelligence agencies. To ensure their safety and the well-being of their children, they made the tough decision to leave their home and seek refuge in Brazil.

We realized that for our safety
and the safety of our children
we needed to leave the country.

Aleksey, an esteemed family psychologist with a decade of invaluable experience, has dedicated his life to helping individuals and families overcome emotional obstacles. His unwavering commitment to his profession has positively impacted countless lives, serving as a beacon of hope and guidance in times of distress. 

Beside him stands Maria, a woman of profound compassion and unwavering devotion to her family. Her deep love for her husband and children has been a steadfast source of support and comfort, providing a nurturing environment where their children can flourish despite the hardships they have encountered.

Meet Aleksey and Maria, pillars of strength and unwavering love, who, despite facing immense challenges, have triumphed in the face of adversity. We implore you to join us in supporting this remarkable family as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of a new country and strive to provide a brighter future for their 6 children.

Their Story

Aleksey &
Mariya family

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