She had to protect both physiсally and mentally not only herself, but also her kids.

Accompanying the prosecution from her nation, the father of her kids tried to destroy her career and her character simply for the opinion she held. It was clear she not only had to protect herself both physically and mentally, but also shield her kids. Although, domestic abuse does not define Esmeralda and never has as she continued and hopes to continue saving lives in her auspicious career as a prolific surgeon. Transitioning to the American healthcare system is no easy task and has plenty of barriers, but with her own volition and maybe the kindness of a stranger Esmerelda is determined to continue saving lives much like Land to Land saved her’s.

 When it comes to this line of work it becomes apparent that many of our cases involve harsh situations that extend past that of National quarrel. Esmeralda is one of those cases that, while successful, is still ongoing as she continues to traverse the ins and outs of her new life after escaping from her volatile past. Not only did her own country betray her and tyrannize her for her opposition to the war against her friends in Ukraine, but so did people who were supposed to protect her and her children. 

Her Story


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